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The Wyrd - progressive weirdness

These are the few Wyrd tunes that are in digital format; some were ripped from a CD prepared by Craig (the drummer) and some I digitized myself (direct from tape). There will eventually be more, as I find the time (and probably after I get a better analog tape machine). Feel free to download and share them, however, we (The Wyrd) retain all rights to our own work.

Note: updated versions of these files and more are now available in the Community Audio Archive and the Live Music Archive in flac, ogg, and mp3 formats (with multiple bitrates of the latter formats; note they have much better bandwidth too :)

The Wyrd #1

(an actual quasi-studio recording done in the electronic music lab at SDSU) (all songs copyright by The Wyrd, 1985 - 2015, except Third Stone..., copyright Experience Hendrix, L.L.C. and MCA)

except this one...





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