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IRC Channel Stats (

Channel stats for several of my favorite IRC channels on the IRC network. They host an amzing number of free IRC channels, including all the official Gentoo support channels. Way to go, Freenode!

  • #ada - A place to discuss the Ada programming language, current projects, etc.
  • #beagle-gsoc - The place to discuss the GSoC projects under Beagleboard.Org.
  • #code-hell - A place for questions about software, programming languages, or tools. You can also bash whatever ails you...
  • #gentoo-science - The geeky Gentoo Science channel
  • #gentoo-embedded - The place for tips on running Gentoo on embedded devices (mostly ARM, some MIPS, and whatever people have lying around...)
  • #gentoo-powerpc - Gentoo on PowerPC hardware; 'nuff said.
  • #gentoo-server - The Gentoo on production Servers channel
  • #lemmings - Another geek hangout. See Hamselv's log here.
  • #mapserver - A web mapping engine. Find out more at the UMN Mapserver homepage, and learn about the Python Cartographic interface here.



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