Creating WFO/AWIPS Bigfiles when LAPS is run externally to AWIPS

The various pieces needed to create bigfiles are available in LAPS as follows:

To begin with, setup the LAPS cron line with the '-w' argument as follows: perl -w [other stuff].

Note that the script runs another script called The script runs xfer_laps.exe. Several changes in the functionality of are controlled by the above mentioned -w command line argument that is passed into via

Source code for xfer_laps.exe is in ..../laps/src/WFO/post, and the executable should be located in ....../laps/bin.

The file that determines what data is transferred to the bigfile is .../laps/data/static/public_laps2wfo.tbl. If there are variables you don't want transferred, put a # at the beginning of the line.

The laps*.cdl file is referred to by the $CDL_PATH mentioned above. The LAPS localization will set the grid dimensions - you can check the file to ensure that the grid dimensions and levels are correct. The global attributes section is typically set by the AWIPS localization. If this hasn't been run, then you can edit these in manually as these will vary if the domain is resized and/or relocated. For comparison the laps.cdl file is showing up in '/awips/fxa/data/laps.cdl' on AWIPS.

A template file can now be generated as follows: 'ncgen -o $WFO_FCSTPRD/template $CDL_PATH/laps*.cdl'. For comparison the template file in the AWIPS environment is located in:

/data/fxa/Grid/FSL/netCDF/LAPS_Grid/LAPS is 
or whatever is used for a domain name
To verify the template file is correct do an ncdump on it. The directory for the template is the same as where the bigfile resides. If the bigfile is being generated outside the AWIPS environment it can still be copied into the above AWIPS directory.

To monitor the execution of this program check the log output that appears in data/log/wfo_post.log.????.